Kunst im Zug, Landschaften, 280 Originale auf Reisen
Okt., Nov., Dez. 1991

Impressions of a travelling exhibition by Gabriele Intemann and Viorel Roman.
Extract from the text

...The pictures should detract voyagers from the reality of daily life and push them towards the fantasy of reality.The double breaking of the ordinary way to regard paintings – an ever changing space and a random audience give this exhibition the particular charm: Currently the environment is changing, which together with the pictures forms the reality of the travellers.

The one who perceives the fantasy of the reality, is a realist.

But also the pictures themselves meet certain expectations of certain addresses even less than is normally the case. Each encounter is coincidental. The fact that the paintings are abstract, increases possible associations even further. Pictures don't need any words; they inspire the voiceless sensibility, to understand ourselves ...

Thomas Brasch describes the human pain of a stranger during a voyage and he called it ”Song / Silence: what I have, I don't want to lose, but where I am, I don't want to stay, but the ones I love, I don't want to leave, but the ones I know, I don't want to see again, but where I live, I don't want to die, but where I die, I don't want to go. I want to stay, where I have never been.” – a motto for an exhibition, which knows no terminus.

photo jan rathke

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